In the beginning.

There I was, twenty-seven years of age, boyfriend finally moved in, I traveled to Boston & New Hampshire, I gained a new fur-baby, and 25 pounds. Wait a minute, roll it all back. Boyfriend moved in. Check. Traveled. Check. Adopted a kitten. Check. Gained 25 pounds. Fail.

When that scale rolled over those numbers and landed on my highest weight, a little part of me crumbled. I was no longer happy with who I was. Body wise. I was no longer okay with what I had to wear, or how I looked. I was fed up. I knew that I needed to do something as my body was starting to feel the effects of being morbidly obese. My knee was constantly sore, and my 27-year old hips were starting to cry under all the pressure. No 27-year old should be complaining about hip problems.

Now. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that the journey from realizing that I needed to lose weight to the point that I am now has been easy. It’s been a nightmare, to some degree. I first asked my co-worker (at the time) for help. She even went to Curves to pick up the book that I was going to follow in order to help me out. This was attempt #1.

Attempt #2 happened a few months later after my co-worker became a worker at Curves. I had everything prepared. I knew what I had to do. I was focused. This attempt failed.

Attempt #3 came along just before Christmas of 2011. I gave up after ~3 weeks because it was Christmas Holidays. How on earth did I expect to stay focused on the weight loss journey during the holidays? You can’t tell me anyone dieting/doing a life style change can do it. Maybe they can, but I knew better about myself then to attempt. So I closed down attempt 3 and enjoyed the holidays with the vow that in the new year, 2012, I would start and stick with it.

Rolling into the new year I had to wait a month before starting the Weight Management class at Curves. Not because I wanted to wait, it was because I was going to join a class of a few other people. I was excited about starting the class. I got weighed and had a starting point (some day I promise to share this number with you).

February 3, 2012 is the date of my new beginning. The day I started to change my life. The first week flew by and I followed every note, every rule to an absolute T. I lost a whopping 8lbs in this first week and I was happy.

As the weeks rolled through and each week was a different negative. One week it would be 2-5lbs, the next half a pound, another only a quarter of a pound. I did everything I was supposed to do. At the end of the first Weight Management class (7 week period) I lost a total of 18.5 pounds, tying me with another ‘class-mate’.

I was happy about it, but not yet excited like my supporters. I’ve lost 20lbs in the past and gained it all immediately back, so my hopes weren’t exactly high. I wasn’t skeptical, but I wasn’t optimistic either.

We took a hiatus in the class until 7 weeks ago. When we started session 2 of the class. When I first started this class I was heading to New Brunswick with my friend Kesh on a mini-vacation and I knew that the first week would be a complete fail. I tried my hardest the first part of the week to follow what I needed to follow, but when in New Brunswick it was incredibly difficult to find a decent salad on any menu we read. My body consumed so much salt that I gained back 4lbs (which quickly washed off after lots of water consumption).

Lets roll this forward, shall we?
7 weeks came and went. At the end of this session I’ve lost 10.75lbs. This has brought me to a total weight loss of 34.75lbs. When the scale cracked 20 pounds I definitely became more excited about everything, about the possibility of being someone who is NOT morbidly obese. To not be morbidly obese, how amazing would this be?

Do I get discouraged? Often. Do I tell myself I can’t have a chocolate bar? Yes, and no. I don’t deprive myself, or I try not to deprive myself. If you do, you will just crash and burn. That being my experience of course.

This is just the beginning. Follow me if you wish.

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