A natural oily or greasy substance occurring in animal bodies, esp. when deposited as a layer under the skin or around certain organs.

noun. grease – tallow – suet – lard
adjective. fatty – rich – thick – obese – stout – corpulent – greasy
verb. fatten – feed up

Not everybody likes the word “FAT”. To me, it’s an ugly word. It repulses me. I think of the slimy, sticky substance on the steak, or the ham that was cooked for dinner. It’s not appealing, or attractive (nor is it even tasty). Am I fat? Absolutely. I, as so many of us do, contain that sticky, yellowish, substance under our skin. Even now thinking about it causes me to scrunch up my face.

Do I like being called fat? No, no I don’t. Have I “adapted” to being fat, and being called fat? Yes, you can say I own it. I own being fat. I took care of my appearance. I dressed in nice clothes, that I took my time picking out because I did not want to fall into the stereotype that “big women can not dress nicely” and all that they can wear is “sweats and baggy t-shirts”. There is no reason, at any size, you can not take care of your appearance. It just means, as a heavy person, you may need to take a little more time in finding that outfit. Plus-size stores are not dime-a-dozen, you know. Nor are they cheap.

I was asked the other day when working out, “If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been this size?” Now, when someone ask me this question I immediately want to say “Ask me again, but this time say ‘How long have you been fat.’? instead.” I know that people want to be ‘kind’ when they ask you how long you have been obese, but it doesn’t always come out that way. You just picture something completely different. After walking away from the conversation you picture that person snickering to their skinny-ass friend about how big you are, and how disgusting you are. If this hasn’t happened to you, then you deserve a gold-f**king-star.

I did, however, as any of us would have done. I politely answered her question. “I have been this size, pretty well, my entire life.” I know that she meant well in asking, but I often want to run in the other direction because I am not exactly PROUD of being fat.

The reason I’m ranting on about fat is because when you get on the scale at your local gym, or in your bathroom, and you see that you’ve lost “only 2 pounds”. It’s not “just 2 pounds”. It’s actually a substantial amount of weight. This is why you always hear people say “I need to lose 5lbs”, and when they do it actually makes a world of difference.

I kept saying “Oh, I’ve only lost 20lbs-25lbs-30lbs” but when a friend of mind directed me to the video I am going to post, it made me finally appreciate how much I’ve lost. That 30 pounds of fat that I lost is pretty f**king amazing.

Now that you’ve watched this video … YES, you should watch the video. Stop reading this and watch it. I’ll wait.

Did you watch it? Okay, good. Now that you’ve watched the video of how much 5 pounds of fat looks like, are you going to get on that scale tomorrow, or next week, and say “Damn, I’ve only lost 3 pounds”? I would certainly hope you don’t. Each time I get on the scale now at Curves and I have lost 1-2 pounds, I am happy. Because I’m well on my way to losing yet another infant sized glob of sticky, yellowish fat.

Now go and be proud of those 5 pounds you’ve lost. You deserve to be happy about it. Gloat about it a little. Do a happy dance. Anything to show how excited you are about losing those 5 pounds. If you have more to go, just know that you can do it, and you are so worth it.

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