We all need one from time to time.
It’s so easy to get caught up in doing little things that you don’t think will hurt your new eating habits, or your work our routine. Unfortunately all those little things will eventually turn into big things. And those big things can lead to set backs. Luckily for me, this time around, the only set back I had was beign stuck at 34.5lbs. Fluctuating 2-3 pounds above or below. I can be thankful for this, and I can be thankful for the scale motivating me to carry on. I had lost 34.5 pounds. The most I have ever lost in my life may have been 25. The mere thought of gaining all that weight back scared me a little. How could I possibly let myself slipp and wrisk gaining back ponds of fat that I worked so hard to get off? I couldn’t. And I wouldn’t.

June 7th marked the new session of Weight Management at Curves. I had a starting point again. I restarted the ‘program’ from scratch. Did I do well the first couple of days? No, because the new habits I developed I had to erase from my mind, yet again. I no longer could say “If I have this little extra thing, it wont hurt. I can work it off tomorrow.” I ate out three times this week. Yes, three. Am I proud of this? Not really, but I tried my best to stay healthy when I went out. Eating shrimp, rice and some chicken at one place, and whole wheat pasta with chicken and shrimp at another. There’ll be a day when I write about restaurants here, because let me tell you, eating at Wendy’s on Sunday would have been a much better choice, as ironic as that sounds. Some small advice try to avoid eating out, it’s not worth it.

Thinking I nearly failed on my journey, I went to Curves this afternoon to be weighed and measured. Weighed. Weighed. Ah, being weighed. It is terrifying at times because you think “Maybe my hard work didn’t pay off.” or “Maybe that extra treat caused me to gain.” So, I grudginly stood on the scale and had my friend adjust the weight. To my surprise, I lost. I lost 4.5lbs since Thursday. Bringing me incredibly close to my second 20 pound goal. I was relieved.

Learning to not be discouraged is not easy. Knowing that you may and WILL platue is something you have to accept. Believeing that a 1/2 pound loss is better than a 1/2 a pound gained. Not becoming obsessed with the scale isn’t easy either, but accepting what it hits each week is an accomplishment in itself. Knowing that you can and WILL lose that other 5 pounds to meet your second, third, or 10th goal set is an amazing feeling. When I hit 40 pounds I’ll face my next 20. You can’t, and I can’t, focus on the large number. Yes you may need to lose 100+ pounds like myself, but you can’t dwell on that. Baby steps. Accepting that you need a reboot every so often will also help you make it through the rough patches.

I like the plan that I am on because after 6-8 weeks I get that reboot. I get that refresher. I go back to stage one and carry on through stage 3. I also get a reminder that working out regularly is necessary. Going to my Zumba classes, my Curves work outs, my jogs with dad, and my walks alone, help me shed the weight. It may seel like a lot, but honestly, it’s only ~1hour out of my day, depending on the day, where I go and I work out with some fabulous people, and feel good about myself.

You always need a reboot.
Maybe you need to take yourself to a manny-peddy to reboot your thought process. Maybe you need to talk to a friend, who is also on a weight loss journey, or even an online forum. Anything to get you back on track, you will do it. And you can do it. I have complete faith in you.

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