New Year Resoluation starts now.

Sunday, September 16, 2012 will mark the day that I restart everything. After a summer of frustration, lack of exercise, and yo-yo’ing, it’s time to restart my “life style” change. After a glorious 42 pound weight loss, I found myself jumping back and forth, and trying to eat “properly”. It shouldn’t have been difficult, but it was. I chose to pick up a cheap journal from the dollar store so I can take proper control of everything. Write everything down. Write down the weekly weigh in. Take responsibility for the junk passing my lips and be smart about it. I know my 42 pound weight loss is no longer 42 pounds. I’m certain I’ve gained at least 5 of those pounds back, so tomorrow will have a new starting weight, a new beginning.

Like the image says, it took me more than a day to gain it, so it’s going to take me more than a day to lose it.

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