Some wise words to keep in mind. Print it off, and paste it to your bathroom mirror or fridge.

As most of my non-internet friends know, I fell off my wagon incredibly hard. I fell off, cracked my head on the concrete and declared myself unfit to exercise and eat healthy. Creatively speaking of course. I have forgotten how to eat a full breakfast, I just drink it (in a form of coffee and water). I have forgotten what lunch looks like, and I have forgotten what snacks are. I still eat a hearty, healthy dinner in the evenings, but everything else, I’ve just simply forgot. I forgot all the good habits I created with the help of friends and exercise gurus. I’ve looked past all the re-blogs on tumblr, pinterest, and even my own personal blog of all the healthy choices and gone back to my old nasty bad choices. But how do you get yourself back into a good, healthy routine?

Part of my new routine has been Zumba, Curves and Kick-boxing. Three weeks ago I took the plunge and phoned the local trainer regarding his kick-boxing class and the next night I was in a class testing it out. This week will be my 4th class (which means a month has flown by already) and I am certainly looking forward to it. The pain that comes from the class is worth it. It reminds me that my muscles are at a stand-still and need more of a vigorous work out. Two classes ago we did nothing but strength training and for 4 solid days standing, laying were the only two things that didn’t hurt. Now, when I tried to roll out of bed, that was quite the image to see. Abs hurt, shoulders hurt, even my bum hurt. The one thing about this was IT FELT AMAZING. If you aren’t sore, you’re doing it wrong.

I still go to Curves and I still work as hard as I can on the machines. I go to Zumba when work allows it, and I have to remind myself that walking is a necessary part of my routine. I haven’t gone for a good walk since a friend of mine went last month. Summer pretty much killed walking and for someone who didn’t normally stay up past 11p or get up before 9:30a, during the afternoons it was often too hot to try and walk. Now I don’t have that excuse since fall has rolled in and the heat of summer has rolled out. I know that walking was a big part of my losing 40lbs, so why is it that I can’t slip on the sneakers and just go? It seems easier to just sit around and do nothing.

How exactly does one regain control of their lack of routine? Apparently, with all my research in the last hour, it is to “JUST DO IT”. Easy for those motivational pictures to say, right? Some of the things that I am going to try and do to get back into a routine are:

1) Write EVERYTHING down. Water consumption, work out of the day, every bite of food consumed.
2) Start from scratch with healthy eating. Shock the system (a new Weight management class starts tomorrow).
3) Have my work out clothes ready every morning. This way I’ll get up, eat some foods, drink my first glass of water, and then get dressed for the work out. It’s in my face, and there would be no excuses.
4) Convince myself that a walking buddy IS in fact, okay. Ask someone to join me.
5) Create a meal plan. This is one of those things that I loath doing. It frustrates me to no end. Maybe I shouldn’t make it a meal plan, maybe it should be a meal guide line?
6) Blog. Every Wednesday. I will try my best to write every Wednesday about the previous week.

Do you have suggestions for me? Leave a comment down below. I would love to hear your hints/suggestions for getting back on track.  I would also love to hear what other people do for a work out routine. I’m going to start everything off right. I’m going to grab a bite to eat and then I’m off to Curves. In the rain.

I can’t wait until I can run again.
Until next time folks!

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