Hello, my name is Adri and I am fat.

Woah-woah-woahwoahwoah-woaaah there! Hold up, clam down skippy! I know what you’re thinking. If you know who I am, you’re thinking “Oh shut up Adri, you are not! You look absolutely fine.” and if you don’t know who I am, you’re thinking “Oh great, another girl fat-shaming herself”. I need you to know something; it might shock you, but it might not.

I am, indeed, fat. Obese. Or, if you want to be “politically” correct, I am morbidly … *ahhem* … obese (what a dirty word/sentence).

adjective: obese
grossly fat or overweight.
I will admit that, in no real way do I consider myself “grossly fat” or “morbid”. I don’t see people on the streets running in the opposite direction just because I have a few extra pounds on my skeleton. I may get the odd “scoff” and look, but no one is running, screaming, away from me. At least I’m not aware of such an occurrence happening. What an awkward situation that would be though? I would probably start running and screaming too because, there MUST be something terribly scary behind me that has everyone bolting. Lets hope that something like this has never, actually happened to anyone.

Again, let me introduce myself. I am Adri and I am fat. Not only am I fat but I am also a fresh new Beachbody coach. Oh yeah, you read that right, I am a Beachbody Coach. Sounds pretty screwed up, doesn’t it? Now, now stop asking that silly question: How can a woman who stated that she’s fat possibly be a Beachbody coach? Well it’s simple. I want to motivate others to pick up the pace and create a better them! I suppose I should really back up a little bit before I get into this whole “Beachbody” shananigans, eh?

Here’s a QUICK refresher to my story:
I am currently sitting pretty on the final leg of my 29th year. I have been overweight for a long, long time. I never really thought of it being a problem, or a concern until the scale crept up to a number that I swore I would never-EVER be at. I cried when that happened. I was mad at myself because I couldn’t believe I allowed myself to go that far, to let myself go that far. What was I thinking? What was I doing to my body? How did it happen?

My journey started with Curves: For Women. I had success with their meal plan program but I started to plateau with their machines. I was pushing myself and getting no results when getting weighed or measured. I stopped going and in the fall of 2013 I joined the local gym. Immediately I was losing inches because I was finally doing things with my body that Curves just wasn’t giving me. For the first time in over a year I was losing inches off my hips! Despite my building of strength I started to regain some of the weight I had lost. It was steady, and all over my body. You couldn’t exactly notice it, which was good.

Until May 19th of this year.
Despite my going to kickboxing and the gym on a regular basis I noticed something disturbing in a picture of my boyfriend & I on his 30th birthday. My face had gotten round again. I was upset and I KNEW I had let it go long enough. Time to change … again. And this time, not quit.

Rewind a few weeks before this picture: I was talking to my other half’s cousin, who looks AMAZING, about what she was doing for herself. She told me about The 21 Day Fix from Beachbody.com. I hummed and hawed about it for a couple of days then decided to take the plunge and order their Challenge Pack through her. I was excited about for my new challenge, I was excited because she was pushing me, she was motivating me, and I knew it was something I needed to do for myself. & I am glad I did.

To date I have lost 19lbs and 2.5 inches. This is from ONE round of The Fix (+1 week of round 2). I am very pleased with the results that I am seeing and I am really excited about my journey. I was so excited that I joined to be a coach. At first I just wanted to be a coach with no real desire to build a group, but now, I am so excited about possibly building a group of amazing, fit, wonderful people! I love motivating others, and who would have thought? So here I am, round 2 of The Fix, eating clean, working out daily, and reaping the benefits of my health life style change.
Now, let me give a quick run down about Beachbody! You may, or may not have heard of it, but it’s an empire of fit individuals! People helping others like themselves lead happier and healthier lives. I know I hear, almost weekly, that I “look fine” and I don’t need to call myself “fat”. What you don’t understand is, I am not “fine”. My knee (sometimes knees) hurt, my hips whine at me, and other parts of my body cry because of the extra weight. Sometimes my back hurts, sometimes my feet. It’s not good for me, OR YOU, to have the extra weight on your body. Sure, I have no real qualms about being “fat” but I know I need/needed to do something or I would run into a lot of problems. Heart disease due to being fat doesn’t sound appealing. So I decided to join Beachbody through my other half’s cousin. So far, I don’t regret this decision. A month later I chose to become a coach & I have never been so excited about something and so pumped to help motivate others in their weight loss journey! Find me here: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/adrilen & never, ever, hesitate to ask me questions.

So, I dusted off my old blog and decided to start recording my journey again. I figured it’s for the best since I spam FB daily with updates. It’s easier for people to just click my link and check weekly here for updates.

Again, my name is Adri and I am fat.  . . . . . . but not for long (;


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