Who Am I?

Adri is quickly approaching the end of Chapter 28 and is making a lot of changes in her life. She’s reopening this blog in the hopes to keep track of her cluster-f*%k of thoughts, all the while finding her creative outlook once again. There are so many blogs/vlogs on the web, so what will make her’s anything special? Time and consistency will tell.

Lots of things peek her interest. She just never has been an outspoken (web-wise) individual. She’ll rant, and write to her friends, but never to the world. Will she get many followers? Chances are, no. Most of those who will follow up on this blog will have known her in real life, so she doesn’t expect many new faces.

Again, she’s a women quickly approaching the end of Chapter 28 in her life. Looking for adventures in every nook-and-cranny, and works on a regular basis with intellectually disabled individuals. Life is okay. It’s simple. She has a live-in-boyfriend whom she has been with nearly 12 years, and two furry little children named Nicci and Radar.

Life is simple.
Lets make it amazing.