The Bucket List

Not everyone in the world will have a “Bucket List” – List of things you want to accomplish before you die – and I am not saying that I will be one to stick to my Bucket List but it is nice to have it. Maybe it will be something that I will stay focused on, at least make a genuine effort in fulfilling. Who knows, right?

Here is my list: In no particular order:

  1. Live in London, England for a year (or two)  – Travel the surrounding areas
  2. Graduate University, be the first in my family to do so. – Accomplished on May 16, 2010. BA in Psychology
  3. Own a Volkswagen Beetle. Vintage, not new.
  4. Write a novel. Not necessarily have it published, but at least write one.
  5. Receive my BA in Sociology
  6. Travel to New York
  7. Travel to California
  8. Attend a shooting range.
  9. Start and complete a half sleeve tattoo
  10. Meet someone famous
  11. Learn to fly
  12. Visit Africa

More to be added, I am sure.